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A Sneaker For Every Sport

Because no two sports are the same, your sneaker collection shouldn’t be either! Harbour Town Premium Outlets boasts over 240 retailers with more than 25 of them stocking sneakers, so it’s safe to say there’s a sneaker for every occasion at Harbour Town. The trick is knowing where to go!


Training is key, but it’s your shoes that’ll get you there in the long run. Asics created the official shoe for the Gold Coast Marathon, so it goes without saying that if you’re a fanatic for pounding the pavement and putting in the kilometres, ASICS will hook you up with a pair of shoes that can go the distance.


Who would have thought an iconic pair of Chuck Taylors from Converse Authentics Factory Outlet were for more than just festivals? As it turns out, they are the ultimate weightlifting shoe! With their flat surface and minimal padding, it allows maximum balance which is crucial for deadlifts and squats. We’ve all got a pair of “Conny’s”, so there’s no excuse not to squat that booty into summer shape!



With HIIT workouts from F45 to Crossfit on the rise, you can’t go past Nike, particularly the Nike Epic Reacts. HIIT is as versatile as workouts come, so you need a shoe that can keep up with you! The famous firm rubber heel of Nike Epic Reacts support stability, whilst the drop in the midsole creates flexibility, so you can smash out those burpee’s without rolling an ankle. Pick up a pair of Nike Epic Reacts at Harbour Town Premium Outlets now for $150 down from $220! 




With a sport that requires so much patience, precision and concentration, you need your shoes to play their part by providing maximum comfort and stability. Puma have brought shoe technology to a whole new dimension, in fact, they’ve brought in three-dimensional traction pods on the outsoles to provide stability and versatility for when you’re out on the golf course. Oh and they also feature light foam cushioning for ultimate comfort. We’d say that sounds like a-hole-in one!



Tennis isn’t just all about sweat bands and cute skirts - it requires immaculate coordination and some serious footwork, and you need a pair of kicks that won’t rip through as you side sprint from one end of the court to the other. New Balance’s range of tennis shoes feature everything to suit your personal preference from mesh and leather materials for durability, to maximum ankle support and 10/10 style. They’re cushioned yet low to the ground to optimize speed, so you can protect your ankles and take court fashion to a whole new level at the same time. Up your game and invest in a pair of New Balance with prices up to 70% off at Harbour Town Premium Outlets



How to make it out of the scrum in one piece? Adidas!

Adidas are famous on the field for featuring good grip for dodging, lightness for sprinting, and being both comfy and durable so they’ll last you all season. Oh and did we mention that they look badass? You’ll be best on ground in performance and fashion with these babies strapped to your feet.

Pictured right: Adidas Kakari (SG) Rugby Boots.
RRP: $130
Harbour Town Premium Outlets Price: $90



VANS are just about the most popular shoes amongst skaters…and not just because they look great. They’re famous for reliable grip to keep skaters from sliding off their board and provide a flat sole for balance, which is of course what skating is all about. The extra padding on the side provides comfort and extra ankle protection. We all know skating and injuries can come hand-in-hand, so don’t let your shoes be the reason you find yourself front-side grinding on the pavement.



If you’ve got a knack for the sport of nailing street wear, step no further than FILA for this season’s hottest kicks. With their textured soles and iconic puffy tongue, a pair of sleek white FILA sneakers are an unmissable outfit asset. And remember, the chunkier the better! Shop them at Harbour at prices up to 50% off.