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How To Shop Outlet Like A Pro

Oh Harbour Town – you gleaming oasis of designer savings smack in the middle of paradise. Up to 70% off designer brands at Australia’s largest Outlet shopping centre - you better believe there is a heaven on Earth. Over 240 stores bursting with glorious bargains. Even for the most seasoned shop-a-holics, it’s a lot to handle! But arm yourself with some insider tips and tricks of the trade and you’ll be slaying Harbour Town like an Outlet pro. We’re talking serious game-plan shoppers and how to put a little extra swag in your bag! With a host of big name brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Furla, Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Coach, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Oroton, Gant and Tigerlily joining the Gold Coast Outlet revolution, you’ve got to be bonkers to pay full price. Let’s dive in…

Prep Work

Being mentally prepared to save is great but ‘actual’ prep is your BFF. Outlet shopping by definition is a day of promised savings, rewarding dedicated shoppers with a trove of off-price goods from luxury retailers. Want yours? Do your homework, schedule a day off and throw caution to the wind.

If you like to be in control, plan your route and allocate rough timelines at your favourite stores; Shops I must visit; shops I want to visit and shops I’ll visit if I have time. 

It’s great to set budgets but don’t come with a set list. The joy of Outlet is the thrill of the find and using those hunter-gather instincts to seek out that unexpected piece of serendipity hidden in the back corner of almost every store. Prepare for surprises!

                   Harbour Town Outlet Shopping          Discount shopping outlet

Jump Online

Head to our Stores page to seek out your favourite stores and check for any flash sales, events and individual store promotions. Sometimes by calling individual stores direct, you’ll find out about discounts that haven’t been advertised. It’s a great idea to whack Harbour Town on your Instagram and follow on Facebook too. It’s a hip and entertaining feed with lots of unexpected LOLs and keeps you up-to-date with exactly what’s going on. Share your shopping snaps by tagging #harbourtowngc on Instagram and @harbourtowngc on Facebook to share the Outlet love.

Sign up online for the VIP Shopper Card or Tourist Discount Card. This is your golden ticket to double or triple your savings. Outlet merchandise is already discounted by 30 to 70 percent off but this little card will save you even more. Super savvy shoppers always compound discounts for that killer deal!

If you’re a tourist – you can also book your seat to access the FREE Harbour Town Outlet Shopping shuttle, jump on board people.

When to shop

Is that really a thing? Anytime is a good time to shop but if you want to get a jump on the crowds and avoid those dressing-room blues, head in on a weekday early to mid-week and plan to arrive early or later in the day. Less competition and shorter queues for a coffee, yes please! Don’t forget new stock is delivered to stores every single week, so for those truly committed to the score, regular trips definitely pay off!

Fuel up

Don’t skip breakfast and try to pack in some protein, after all shopping counts as cardio right? Done right, Harbour Town an all-out, all-day shopping marathon! Prepare for day of guilt-free glutinous, gluttonous fun. The only thing we want to be faint are the prices.

The only thing last season is paying full price!

Dress for success

Tried-and-tested wins over super-cute when it comes to the right kicks to shop Harbour Town. Slap on your comfort shoes and get ready for some serious rack-climbing! Pick an outfit that slips on and off easily for dressing room speed and add layers to adjust to changing temperatures that come hand in hand with a glorious outdoor mall. Active gear might be the go, Outlet prices can send you into a sprint, minus the fear of pulling a purse-string.

Prepare the carriage

Clear out the car, fold down those seats and make room to bag some serious bargains.

Nude or black in those fab designer pumps will not be your first big decision of the day. That would be where to park. Hot tip – get in early and nab a spot in the red Western Car Park! Oh and get both – life’s short, buy the shoes!

First port of call

Head straight to the Harbour Town Tourism Lounge on arrival and pick up your VIP Shopper or Tourist Discount Card and grab a copy of the Centre Guide. Take advantage of the awesome relaxation lounge, free parcel and bag minding, free Wifi and refreshments while you develop a plan of attack. These guys have everything sorted. Free strollers, mobility scooters and wheelchairs and a bunch of enthusiastic and friendly staff that go above and beyond to help you get most from your day. Engage!

 How to shop like a pro Harbour Town
Grab a Centre Guide & a VIP Shopper or Tourist Discount Card before you hit the malls!

Good shopping game

Game-plan folks: Start at the back of the store. Generally, the back racks boast the best deals. Ask if prices are marked and make sure you ask individual stores about exchanges and returns. The golden rule of all shopping is try it all on – EVERYTHING! Check the fit, make sure the colour suits you and that you feel comfortable and confident to rock it. Impose a waiting period on yourself. Resist buying everything on your very first stop and ask if you can pop items on hold for the day. With prices this great, it’s hard not to enter frenzy mode from the word go.


Some days the shopping stars just align shining down on that perfect find at a perfectly ridiculous price. Other days, searching for one exact thing could cloud the win! The trick is to come with an open mind. So you missed your size in that stunning black statement dress? Never fear, it’s more than likely you’ll find something even better around the corner. Be open and try new things, colours and styles you previously shied away from could end up being your new soul-mate. It also pays to think ahead. Sure you may not need those sling-back, studded heels for school pick-up this week, but at prices so low – they’re going to keep!


Fight the strong gravitational pull of bargains and make some time for lunch. With a host of alfresco dining options in palm-lined malls filled with sunshine, it’s a great way to take five, relax and indulge in a spot of people-watching. Get inspired by the unique street-style of a myriad of shoppers attracted the uniquely chic mix of popular international and iconic Australian brands. I’ll have what she’s having!

                    Harbour Town Dining Precinct         Harbour Town Eats Dining

                     Enjoy leisurely lunch or a quick sugar from a myriad of cafes or restaurants before going round 2!

Bring a friend

Friends don’t let friends pay full price and humans work and shop better in tribes!

With two sets of hands and eyes on the job, you’re guaranteed to find more gems hiding in the racks and when it comes to the critical purchase-point, a second opinion from an honest friend taking in every glorious angle can make snap decisions easy. Great company will also come in handy over lunch, coffee breaks and to help you go the distance.

No hesitation, no regret

Buy what you love NOW! That Kate Spade steal will be gone my midday, trust us! Outlet merchandise moves fast and procrastination could cost you. Outlet shopping is guilt free shopping. For the price of one designer statement piece from a regular department store, you can come out in head-to-toe Harbour Town goodness. Outlet means you can stay on trend without breaking the bank. The only thing last season is paying full price! What are you waiting for? See you there.

By Gold Coast | 8 June 2017