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How to style prints this Spring 2019

Guest blog by Nadiya De Wet @fashionstylist_australia

Spring is a magical season, it brings transformation and change, so how about transforming your wardrobe by embracing some prints?

Irrespective to your style, age or social status, prints will refresh your look. In this coming spring season - it is all about playing with prints. You can choose your favourite one or mix them up as you wish.

Let’s look at the trendy patterns and some of my stylish recommendations.

Animal Prints

With all animalistic prints, it is best to keep it in just one element of your outfit. For example, if you wear a leopard/snake print top then it will be best to complement it with white pants or pair of jeans for a most sophisticated look. If you are after an animalistic skirt, then pair it with a basic white/black/beige colour t-shirt and your favourite pair of white sneakers or flats. For chilly nights or freezing grocery shops don’t forget to throw over a denim jacket.

Going out at night? Want to make an impression?

Choose a leopard/snake print dress. Match it with nude or black heels and a contrast colour bag. Let your dress play the main role.

Animalistic tops will match great with pastel colour pant suits in the coming season. Playing together in one outfit they create magic – pastel softens animalistic print when animalistic print adds the edge to the garment. Try it!

For young ladies I suggest glancing at zebra and colourful animalistic patterns. It is fresh, cute and you won’t stay unnoticed.

If you hesitate to wear animalistic prints but still want to achieve some edgy looks - accessories will help. Choose a belt, bag or pair of shoes. Safe and Stylish.

     Women standing against a white brick wall, modelling a beige and black snake-print skirt from Kookai.   Women standing against a white backdrop, modelling a bronze animal-print top from Seed.   Women wearing a black and white tiger-print outfit from Sass & Bide on a night out.

Floral Patterns

Flowers and women are synonymous, so flowers are always in fashion. Flower design is a trend that can be embraced completely, do not be scared to invest into this print. You can easily combine floral with elements of various styles. In the coming Spring season, I would recommend a wildflower print.

If you do not want to look flowery and want to add some brutal character to your outfit, then wear your floral dress with pair of Cossacks or your floral skirt with plain classic shirt, t-shirt and leather jacket.

If you are a brave fashionista, try to mix two floral prints in one outfit. It might sound tricky but make sure they complement each other in colour and choose floral prints of different sizes. Do not forget to complete your outfit with a nice pair of shoes and a handbag.


Women modelling a pink dress from Forever New that features a yellow and lilac floral pattern.           Women modelling a black skirt from Review that features a red and pink floral pattern.


Stripe Prints

Why not start preparing for summer in Spring? In the coming season, you can play around with all colour stripes. Choose your favourite and enjoy wearing it.


Women modelling a pink and white pinstripe jumpsuit from Forever New.


Polka Dots Parttens

In the coming Spring season this darling dotty pattern continues to be very popular.

Polka dots of any colour are in trend, all you need is to choose the correct polka dots size print that will complement your body and know how to style it. Polka dot is an amazing pattern. It can be easily incorporated in a wide variety of styles. It is smart and elegant, romantic and feminine. You can dress it up with heels or down with sneakers. Polka dot loves it when we pair it with other prints like stripes, floral or colours – from pastel to bright.

Investing into this print you never lose, as polka dots is a fashion trend that never goes out of style.


Women playfully modelling a black dress from Review that features pink polka dots.  Women modelling a white dress from Seed that features black polka dots.


If you like prints and want to add some accents to your current wardrobe, there is one last stylish advice that I can offer before you go shopping.

Go to the shops and try as many different prints as you like. Mix them with basic clothes like jeans and tops. Start safe. Mix prints with each other. Be creative. As a result of this experience, I assure you will find at least one print and one combination of clothes you will fall in love with. You will never know until you try! Good luck!


Nadiya De Wet is a Certified Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based on the Gold Coast.    


Nadiya De Wet is a Certified Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based on the Gold Coast.

Her areas of expertise are fashion editorial and personal styling services.

In her Instagram Blog she shares fashion secrets and all the latest trends with her followers. As a fashion expert, she inspires women of all sizes to change their perceptions of themselves, and as a personal stylist she empowers them to tap into their inner selves through wardrobe and accessories.

Nadiya focuses on providing women with a service to develop personal style, build confidence and ultimately feel comfortable in their own skin. The goal is to create "fashion sense" based on individual personality and lifestyle, regardless of size and budget.