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Get Euro-Summer Ready at Harbour Town Gold Coast

Australian winter is upon us, which means your Insta account is probably already flooded with photos of people on their amazing European holidays…ugh! Why not plan your own Euro escape and chase summer this season?!

Now, we all know a successful Euro Trip includes indulging in as much tanning, ocean, croissants, selfies, sightseeing and cocktails as possible, am I right? But…the REAL key to a successful trip is preparation! So before you ditch the Southern Hemisphere and trade your UGG boots for espadrilles, get everything you need to be Euro Trip ready at Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre Gold Coast.

When you’re travelling from one season to another, hitting the Outlets is a must because you’ll find current and previous season fashions (so you can shop summer in winter and vice versa), and even better, you’ll find the Outlet prices that will ultimate allow for more cocktails on your trip!

1. Take Multiple Swimmers

Because you don’t want to rock up to the beach in Dubrovnik to see that cute boy you met during Sail Croatia wearing the same bikini, do you? Or worse, for all your photos to feature the same print. Invest in a pair of plain coloured bikini bottoms so you can switch out the top and rock a whole new look! Here’s a few pieces, both simple and statement…

                   Harbour Town Outlet Shopping          Discount shopping outlet

2. Take Reliable Luggage

You need a strong and reliable suitcase to hoist around all those flights, boats, train rides, accomm transfers and vespa rides! Tumi’s beautiful and reputable luggage is perfect for handling the journey and keeping your possessions safe. We found this International Expandable 4 Wheel Bag at Tumi, originally priced at $1,550 for the check on size, and $990 for the carry on size, but at Harbour Town you can pick it up for just $930 for the check on size, and $595 for the carry on size.

                                                     Tumi Check on & Carry On Expandable 4 Wheel Bags          Pera Collection




Or search our newest travel goods store, Pera, packing luggage from brands like Samsonite, Antler, American Tourister and more! AND they have every colour you could imagine! Don’t be that person standing at baggage claim trying to pick your black suitcase in a sea of 1,000 black suitcases…

Once we’ve secured the luggage, head to Mimco to discover the most fashionable stand-out luggage tags and passport wallets going around! We scored the Daydream Travel Wallet at Mimco for just $95 down from $199! (marked down to $119 plus they had a flash sale of a further 20% off!).


3. Safe Sun Play

Bask in the sunshine because the big floppy hat is back on the “this summer’s hottest trends” list again. You can often find these babies at Seed, Seafolly, Universal, and even Forever New from time-to-time! There’s nothing quite as magic as when fashion meets sun safety.

Once you’ve picked out a hat, make your way to Giant Chemist and to stock up on all your beach-holiday necessities: sunscreen, SPF tanning oil and after-sun care! 

If you’re not prepared to ready to put your winter skin on display in the Amalfi Coast, head to Grace Threading and Beauty for a last-minute spray tan to tide you over until you’ve had some time to soak up that European sun!



4. Be Instagram Ready

Nothing sets-off your photo in front of the Trevi Fountain like a vibrant Kate Spade get-up, and you absolutely can’t make your way up the Eiffel Tower without a stylish Furla statement bag. The art of accessorising really takes the stage when you’re travelling. We all know how to take an outfit from day-to-night (add a statement bag, swipe of lipstick, swap flats for stilettos, and rock a bold piece of jewelry), but how to take it from Parisian boulevards to the beaches of Costa Brava, is a skill when you’ve only got 23kg to work with!

Forever New                                             Universal Store                                 Universal Store



5. Gear Up To Indulge

You’ve travelled all this way and who knows when you’ll be back again…now’s not the time to start worrying about the fall-out from all pizza and pasta that’s found its way onto your plate! Ditch the guilt and trade your green smoothies for gelato!

Be sure to stop by Bliss and Beyond to pick up some carb-friendly flowy beach dresses and kimonos. We also recommend picking up an Oroton tote to store your extra pain-au-chocolat that you’ve saved for later in the day.

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